Everything You Need for Your Next Movie Night

Ask about our home theater installation & TV mounting work in the Bellevue & Omaha, NE area

Do you want to make watching movies at home even more fun? You can complete a home theater installation by working with Starview Enterprises based in the Bellevue & Omaha, NE area. You'll feel like you're watching movies in a real theater without the hassle or costs of leaving home.

We sell TVs and other equipment and provide:

  • Projector installation services
  • Screen installation services
  • TV mounting services
  • Multi-TV wall mounting services
  • Control system setup services

We even install TVs on difficult surfaces like stone and brick fireplaces. Contact us today to get the details on our TVs and other equipment for sale.

Choose what's right for your budget

Choose what's right for your budget

At Starview Enterprises, we think you should have a great home theater installation without paying an outrageous price. We're committed to high-quality, honest work, so we'll never upsell you or install low-quality equipment. Reach out to us now for a free estimate on TV mounting services and our other affordable services.